What we do

Whether in a concert hall, stadium or on a festival stage, inside or outdoors, every event must have a solid and secure foundation especially regarding rigging. Precise and comprehensive planning of all aspects of rigging play vital roles in providing the basis for meeting the complex requirements of an event and ensuring its smooth and safe execution.

RR planing in the office

With our professional planning Rocket Rigging GmbH is your ideal partner for every type of event.

Based in the Rhine-Main region, our specialists in working at height take care of every step of the rigging process. From turning your idea into a design, we guide you through every stage of the project, from suspension points and trusses and everything between assembly and dismantling, we quite literally prepare the ground for the realization of an unforgettable event.

RR planing on a case

With our competence, experience, flexibility, emphasis on precision and, last but not least, our special attention to safety in this most important area of event technology, we make the ideas and wishes of our customers a reality. From the initial planning to on-site implementation and post-event consultation Rocket Rigging is a truly reliable partner for your needs.

RR Laser

In addition to our comprehensive support, we at Rocket Rigging pride ourselves on our large portfolio of additional services. Our experts at working at heights use the latest CAD software, including feasibility analyses, special structures and, naturally, the appropriate choice of materials.

RR plannig on the floor

From the office to the event location, we offer a seamless service with smooth and punctual coordination of the entire process. Depending on the type of construction, loads are monitored with state-of-the-art digital monitoring devices to ensure the safety and stability of the construction. We understand the importance of accurate planning, choice of materials and construction as the rigging framework can often weigh many tons.


With our Mainz-based company, every customer can be sure that their event is in the best hands. In addition to our expertise our clients also benefit from our large network, built up over many years working in the industry. Rocket Rigging has superb partners and we work exclusively with qualified professionals. This ensures that our work is executed to the highest standards and the client’s interests are carried out exactly as desired. We always give 100% to ensure that our customers’ plans are perfectly executed.

All that’s left for the client is toRock it!